Magic, Choice & Change is what we are

Is it time to fully embody this in all areas of our lives…?
✨ What else is truly possible? 

What if you could really change your whole life…?

Your body… relations… finances… work… business… health… joy… confidence…

What if you could truly be empowered to live the life you know is possible..?

Welcome to the remarkably simple, pragmatic and dynamically powerful tools of Access Consciousness®

Class Details

This Foundation Class* will be
Online in Merlijn’s Magical Zoom Room

Prerequisites: Access Bars Class

Date: September 22nd – 26th
Time: 07:30PM – 12:30PM CET
30min following the energy
Language: English

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About the online Class

We will do the Access Body work! When you run it on someone else it will also run on you! And after class you can trade with other people who know the body work, and you could give sessions to practice your skills. ALL will be discussed and custom facilitated during Class!

Online information

5 Days 5 Hours Online Foundation Class through ZOOM.

Recordings of the Class will be added in an online BOX folder.
You can easily download the audio & video recordings or you can listen to them online, as often as you like.

After applying for this Online Foundation Class you will receive all the required information via e-mail.


You’ll be invited to join the Private Telegram Channel, for easy communication, information & details. For those who like to connect & chit chat, there will also be a Private Telegram Group available. The Telegram Group is optional.


First Time: €1400,-
Repeat: €700,- (within 12 months)
(All Prices are including Dutch VAT)
Global pricing*, Repeat (within 12 months) and Age pricing applies.

Your individual and applied pricing can be seen under Billing & Payments after registering.


When you will pay your price is calculated automatically based on your country.

* Global Pricing applies, check to see your country pricing on Access Consciousness


The Foundation manual will be send to you as a PDF file.
Besides English there are many other languages available.

We like to assist you, so do let us know what your preference is.

Please assist us & yourself by double checking your e-mail is spelled correctly!

Thank you for choosing for Access Foundation Class!

Your information will be send to you shortly!

AND also please read the NOTE below on what's next...

About Merlijn

Certified Facilitator | Performing Artist | Best-selling Author

Merlijn always had a capacity for facilitating change. With a background in the creative arts, the stage has always been a place from which he can inspire the world. Using the Access Consciousness tools, Merlijn’s forte includes energy transformation, taking tension out of bodies naturally, allowing rigid and deep judgments to change and empowering his clients to navigate the energies surrounding their daily life with ease.

Merlijn isn’t the only contributor to his work, Magic Merlot – his Drag Persona also helps add a less serious and more experimental creative outlet to his coaching practice.

His clients have changed depression, long lasting body pain, healed old and acute injuries and many have also learned to love and receive their body and their life.