“Mind blowing Pixie stuff! Merlijn Wolsink Thank you for being you!”


I don’t judge my body anymore


My lower back pain was gone after 1 session. Incredible. Thank you


He is magic at creating change


Eyeopener after eyeopener. I feel soft and powerful


I’ve never been so happy. I totally love my body and my life. Thank you!




My clients really live up with Access Tools. Amazing. You rock my world Merlijn.


I’m not locking heaviness into my body anymore.


My life has changed completely


You really show me to play with my body. And It loves it! And I love it!


The Magic is back!


No more fear. So glad I’m alive again.


I’m walking in space


Thank you for reminding me of what I am


Are you looking for greater ease, or change with your body, your business or your life?

As we go through life, we can get slowed down by self-judgement, health issues and past failures. We lose our sparkle and ability to change things. We get lost in sea of judgement and limiting beliefs… But everything is energy, and changing things on an energetic level can have big effects. 

That is why I offer sessions and coaching that works on the energetic level, to change anything that is stuck in your life, your business, your body.

So you can have a life of magic and ease and lightness.

Every session is uniquely tailored to change whatever comes up for you – it is a magical co-creation in the moment… facilitated from non-judgment.

You can choose from one of the session types listed below, or call me to set up a combination of sessions, depending on where you are and what you would like to change.

Sessions can be done in person with me, wherever I am available in the world, and online through Zoom. You can choose a session of 30 minutes60 minutes, or 90 minutes

Take your pick…

Coaching & Clearing Sessions

One on one Coaching and Clearing sessions are powerful, kind, right on, inviting you to be totally open en vulnerable with what is going on.

It’s about choosing, releasing what is running your choices which is no longer working, and mostly about receiving YOU and your capacities.

When we ‘feel’ stuck in life and in business, we can’t seem to change things on our own it can be a total contribution to talk to someone who will listen and ask you questions without judging you. Someone that can see what we don’t see in ourselves, and that can clear what’s holding us back.

These Coaching & Clearing Sessions can be done in person or via Zoom, AND they can be combined with moving, walking and strutting your stuff. 

What will contribute your future? What are you asking for?

If you’re ready to choose more lightness and energy in your life, body and business, if you’re ready to clear away what’s holding you back, be free to contact me and my team for a session.


Access Bars® & Access Body Work Sessions

More Ease With Your Body

We’ve all had our share of trauma, injury, body discomfort and pain and yet the body is capable of such amazing healing. It just may need some support, some nurturing, some caring, some healing touch to let go of the old energy.

There is so much more ease and flexibility and joy possible with bodies! The Access Consciousness Body Processes have been known to work magic with any injury or disease, if you are willing to choose them.

These Body Work Sessions are hands-on and in-person only. Please contact Merlijn for his schedule and location.

Symphony of Possibilities

A Symphony Session is about energetic empowerment and change, and can invite you to open up to LIVING in a completely different way.

If you’ve ever wanted to change things in your life, your body or your business by waving a magic wand, a Symphony Session just might come close to doing that for you.

Symphony Sessions are based on the Access Consciousness tools and energetic transformation work created by Dr Dain Heer. A session can be done in person and online by Zoom.

Like to schedule a 1 on 1 session? 



Be Happy, Be Free, Be You!