Yesterday I realized… “I’m a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! That’s pretty f***ing awesome!”>

It sunk in in a way it didn’t before… ? and lots of people have been reading it and have been inspired by all wonderful chapters by all the authors! ??✨

Dancing as the Body of Consciousness” #1 Bestseller on Amazon

Pretty darn happy and proud!

Thank you Patty Alfonso for initiating and nurturing this baby into life with us!?

Thank you Glenna Rice, Kalpana Raghuraman, Monica Mata Gilliam, Rachael O Brien, Amy Shine, Katherine McIntosh for your magical chapters and co-creation✨?

Thank you Erica Glessing for ‘Happy Publishing’ this gem!?

And Christy Perkins for your ?
Jung J-Path Park for your ?

If you’d like to read the book and have it for your life… HERE is the link to order!???

Read, watch and listen more about “Dancing as the Body of Consciousness” HERE

And… the Special Bonus pages you receive when you purchase… with all authors sharing amazing tools with you?

What if Joy could be your reality with your body?

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