Firecrackers at Day 3 of Access Consciousness Global Foundation Class. It’s definitely ON.
And Gary Douglas is even singing ?

It took me a while to even grasp the magnitude of this question… I couldn’t even really use and ask it in the first years I started working with asking questions to create.

Infinite was just ‘too much’! I was like “just give me like… 20% or I’ll go crazy ?” It terrified the shit out of me, and sometimes it still does ?

It can still feel huge if I’m not willing to be that question and the possibilities that it will invoke immediately…

And then I relax… into actually receiving what I’m asking for… even if the possibilities are undefined and the energy of it is percolating and going out through the whole universe.

Receiving and being the energy of the question the always comes first…

Here are some to use ?

“What are the Infinite Possibilities…?”
“What are the Infinite Possibilities for …?”
“What are the Infinite Possibilities for … to show up…?”

While having a conclusion about anything is a definite ‘stop’ in the Universe…
Asking a question is like getting the universe in motion. It’s using your magic in a different way.

Does an open question sound ‘airy’…? Well… it kinda depends on what your preference is ?

Roughly: stopping possibilities by answering the question or openly invoking infinite possibilities…

What would it be like to LIVE as a Question, invoking possibilities…?

And even though ‘infinite can sound like ‘too much’…
Even though you can be ‘too much’ for others…
Are YOU ever, actually… ‘too much’…? ?


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