Kinda what every day feels like… ?✨??

Only I’m not showing my cheeks and wearing a cheeky ‘dance-belt’ every day ?

I’m grateful to be alive on this planet right now in stead of decades ago, for so many reasons

I’m grateful for my body, the live I am living and the choices I can make

I’m grateful for my parents who love me and have always empowered me to be myself and never rejected me for my choices

I’m grateful for being born in the Netherlands where there is actually so much freedom of choice and where I won’t be killed or locked up by the government for loving men and women.

I Love this beautiful shot from working with Noustha photography

It portraits so well no matter the outta control the free fall is or seems, I know to stretch, receive, let go more and more. To be fluid and strong at the same time…

And maybe even more important: I know to have peace with me, my choices, my mistakes, my weirdness and difference, what ever goes up or down, no matter what I run into while living this life.

It’s a journey

So much is available and so much is possible. I get to love and live the way I choose, which is not really everyone’s reality yet.

So much battles are still being fought, worldwide and in personal lives, even when it looks all pretty from the outside.

This reality can be so confusing and I know it can be hard and it often still is…

So often the whole ‘choice’ thing seems to be such a concept as people have no idea of what else is possible…

Yet the active choosers are always the shifters of reality… the change makers, be it their in own reality or the reality we live in.

Being the drop and the Ocean, Dr. Dain Heer once said beautifully.

Some people and situation will try to kill your choice, your beauty, your kindness, difference, especially when you out-grow and emerge in something different than what they are used to or what is considered to be normal. It van be like a hurdle run sometimes when you change and your environment tries to pull and suck you back into what was.

I know vulnerability is one of the greatest powers there is… I’ve started to recognize it over time. I knew it even though it’s been a bit like trial and error, the ongoing dance between getting hurt and releasing whatever I chose that caused the pain.

Living with a shield might sound safe yet it secretly protects the judgments we have of ourselves and that others might impose on us. It might keep our light safe for a little while and will it ever allow us to thrive freely…?

Losing judgments about myself often gives memore freedom of choice than I think I can handle at that moment.

It’s powerful key to freedom, which seems so invaluable to many people…
Who would we be without the judgments we have of us…?

This week the Netherlands celebrates Gay Pride.

I celebrate pride with the desire that being ‘naked’ in the world is not a reaction to this world but a choice to enjoy our difference, our bodies, our loved ones and even our not loved ones and enemies.

A new and different future is emerging, shining brighter and more intense
We see the images of the the past change, morph and dissolve in front of our eyes every day.

Everyone and everything including old reflections trying to stop our conscious choice will still rise up to the surface…

Let’s look it in the eyes, rise above, fall through and beyond, kill it with kindness, smother it with so much gratitude and possibilities that it will eventually cease to exist…

Grateful for everyone and everything and that went ahead of us, all our the continuous choices have created the current reality and it will keep on creating what this possible.

Happy Pride ?✨?

What can we choose today, tomorrow and every day that will raise awareness and create more consciousness on the planet?

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