Merlijn Wolsink

Coaching & Clearing Session

During a coaching conversation and a verbal energy clearing session we energetically clean up your blockages and change your mind-set.

When sitting on top of your own mountain is often difficult to dig into it yourself. Sometimes you just need someone else to break open your own awareness and to look at things from a different place.

With Access Verbal Processing in conversational form, we undo the energy of thoughts, feelings , emotions, experiences and patterns that you would like to change at the point of creation. We wipe out of the way what no longer serves you, so that it doesn’t take up space any more in your world.

We get rid of the energetic distractors that keep you from truly seeing and being you.

Energy clearing sessions are powerful beyond words. It is literally wiping away all the crap and insanity which is blocking you and which you can’t put into words. You do no longer have to figure it out to get rid of it. A clearing session will allow you to move on in stead of going back into the same old loop.

Every energy of whatever judgment you have about yourself or about a certain situation keeps on creating and expanding that in your life, body and future.
Beneath that deep-rooted judgment these usually is an infinite power, talent, potential and energy that you can use to your advantage.

As a being or soul you have already had so many lifetimes and bodies. There is almost nothing you have not done or experienced. That is your energetic baggage that still creates your reality today.

We take a fresh new look at what is going on and we wipe whatever fixed beliefs create the limitation out of existence.

We also use this technique to activate your own energy so that you may gain access to what is true for you.

Together we can consciously change the energy, the undercurrent that creates real change: your energy and your consciousness. That is where the Magic is…

Being you in your life.

You also get ‘Tools’ and information to work with after the session.

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