Merlijn Wolsink

Body Work – Energetic Body Treatments

Shifting and changing energy in your body so that it can transform and heal itself.

In a body treatment session I work with Access Consciousness® energy processes.
This is different than Reiki, acupressure or other energetic methods.
These processes are designed to unlock the body from stuckness and trauma, into possibility and freedom.
The effect of these processes is truly dynamic and creates huge change in a short period of time.

How does it work? With touch of my hands and using these energy processes, I communicate with the cells and molecules in your body, allowing those to change, shift, reverse, increase or decrease.
This is almost always combined with verbal clearing processes to remove energy blockages and to gain more awareness around the specific issue.

Massage, gentle stretching or other physical manipulation can be added into the session to free up the body and to increase the range of motion.

The molecular structure of your body responds flawlessly on your energetic baggage and belief systems. For example, an experience from your childhood can express itself in a complaint that does not want to go away.
Sometimes, these experiences are not even from this lifetime, so we can not even change these cognitively, though it still lingers in the body.

Dealing with acute injury, the energy and projection we give the complaint determine how well and fast the recovery will be. By taking away that tensions and incorporating your consciousness and the consciousness of each cell in your body, often changes acute injury as well, as if by magic.

You don’t have do very much. You just have to lie down and allow and receive the change.
I will do the work.

This way of working with the body has given me lots of wonderful results so far an I hope to continue to work with many other bodies.

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