Merlijn Wolsink

Merlijn Wolsink

merlijn-smile-close-upThrough quite some years of broad working experience and personal development I have touched on many modalities that provide support and change on physical en psychological level.

In theatre I have worked as an all-round performing artist and supervisor. As a coach and teacher I have supported -future- artists and colleagues on an artistic and personal level.

In recent years I have tapped into a whole new spectrum of possibilities.
My work field has broadened itself dynamically; psychologic challenges such as dealing with trauma, addiction, stress, fear and burn-out developed itself as a specialty, with great results.

Looking at the Body, I have majorly focussed on treating pain and trauma in the body and recovery of -dance- and sports- injuries.
The body is phenomenal, with a life of it’s own.
My interest for and knowledge of the body has kept on broadening and developing itself continuously.

In my point of view every body and being is different. I like to provide healthy recovery that supports body and spirit, with an approach that works and that is truthful for the person in case.

So far I have had the honor of working with many people that choose more possibilities.
What else is possible?
I like to enable people to become and to be self empowered, so every single person leaving my practice or classroom has the joystick of their own life, to enjoy it even more.
Another way of functioning with much more ease, harmony and unity, rather than discomfort and limitations.
Providing change that works and lasts.

Access Consciousness®

Being conscious is a very earthy concept to me: being aware of everything and everyone around you without judgment.

In my perspective, the Access Consciousness® tools and techniques go beyond everything that this reality has to offer until this point. These techniques can change and eliminate fear, trauma, unreachable emotional blockades, physical ‘impossibilities’ and many other things that seem to be unchangeable in a heartbeat.
Change on a level that no one really talks about in this reality.
Change that doesn’t just stop with a nice concept of what could be and which can be applied in many practical ways.

What if we all are made out of molecules, energy, space and consciousness?
What if everything is changeable? Even the ‘unchangeable’? 

It might be a little weird and wacky… and it works. Quick, effective and lasting in most cases.
I would not practice and promote this if i would not stand with this approach and way of working.
Truthful to what is going on for every person individually.
Continually being in the question, looking at possibilities.

What if there are infinite possibilities?
Beyond what you can imagine?

What can I contribute to you?

Merlijn Wolsink
Access Consciousness® Practitioner
Access Bars® & Body Process Facilitator
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