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For the LUV of Learning about Ghosts and Bodies

Listen to our radio show replay with Merlijn Wolsink. Today’s topic was For the Luv of Talking about Ghosts and Bodies. I wonder if you have awarenesses you haven’t acknowledged and what might that look like. Merlijn has some great info on this topic!

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“The Magic of Taking Familiy Relationships Beyond” – 1 hour show

Magic in Motion – with Cara Wright

What if people don’t die when their body dies?
What would it be like to care for our loved ones even when they have left their bodies?

And extensive conversation about the practical and physical side of dealing with entities

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BEing the authentic YOU by choice – Let’s Talk About It! met Dr. Sarah Brotsky

Dr. Sarah R. Brotsky and myself had a great convo yesterday about ‘Choosing from Authenticity by choice’

NOW… this one has mind-boggled me for years, like “wtf is authentic if I’m changing all the time…?” as we encourage change by choice in Access Consciousness ?

I know many people are and it was so cool to share some fun, valuable insights and questions to brighten up this topic ?

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“The Dance of Life” on The Erica Glessing Show

What if dancing and movement could change the way you are in the world? What if dancing and movement was one of the many paths in leading a more conscious life? What gifts await for you within your body?

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Movement – Fitness – Health – Consciousness – Food – Overweight – and lots more…

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