Merlijn Wolsink

Verbal Processing

What is Access Verbal Processing and how does it work?

Often we can’t put into words what the blockage or restriction is that is bothering us, but the “problem” is an energy that is stuck. The energy charge of something is often heavier and more troublesome than the “problem” itself.

With Access Verbal Processing we pinpoint the energy we have unconsciously created and maintained and “clear” it using a verbal clearing process.
The main technique we use with Access Verbal Processing is the “Clearing Statement”.
The nice thing with Verbal Processing is that we don’t need to cognitively know or understand what the exact source of the problem is. We just call up the energy by asking questions or stating a view point and let that charge dissolve so that it’s cleared.
We create space for something new.

What happens after the “clearing”?

A few “clearings” can make a big difference and introduce a different feeling and being into your life. Some experience a feeling of “lightness” where they first felt “heavy”, others experience dizziness or tingling in the body, as if more space is being created.
Some blocks only need one “clearing” to shift. Other blocks need more repetitions, depending on the gravity of the energy.
Often, an effect is felt immediately and sometimes it takes up to about three to four weeks before real results and change is felt.

Even though it sounds strange and unknown, what if changing the energy around a “problem” allows us to really change what we want to change?

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