Merlijn Wolsink

Rates & Information

Access Consciousness® 1 on 1 Coaching, ClearingBodywork or Entity consultations

RATES per 7 june 2017 – Investment in yourself *

LIVE Sessions

90 min = €300,-

120 min = €420,-

ONLINE Zoom Session 

60 min = €200,-

90 min = €300,-

30 min phone or Skype session = €120,- (only possible if you previously worked with Merlijn)

*prices from june 2017. All rates include 21% tax/btw/vat.

Students and children: please contact for different rates.


Sessions at the practice, please pay cash on the spot, bank transfer or Paypal up front.

Sessions through Skype or phone require to be be paid up front though bank transfer or Paypal. Payment should be visible and processed before consultation starts.

Bank Account Details
ABN-AMRO Netherlands
IBAN: NL64 ABNA 0594 1701 92
tnv. M. Wolsink

Company & Business Details
KVK: 57210365
BTW/TAX/VAT #: NL180703900B01




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Terms and Conditions & Disclaimer

GRPD & Privacy Policy

Personal support through WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook

This is possible when we have agreed on that, for instance after attending a class or by personal request.
I hope you understand that your are not the only one reaching out to me and I am not always able to get back to you immediately, even when I happen to read your message.

‘Speed-Answer-Service’ is available in a Coaching Package or by request.

Please call or leave a message to contact me first.

Follow-Up Sessions

Duration and price of follow-up sessions vary and can be discussed after the first session.
We check in with what you would like and we will create follow-up that will work for you personally.

Sessions Trajectories and Customized Session Packages

Read more about session trajectories here

Sessions at your home or at different locations

In person sessions anywhere else other than the practice have a 35% surcharge and added travel expenses of €0,19 a kilometer.

Requests and proposals

Request and proposals for exclusive trainings, sessions and coaching packages can be individually communicated and created.

Please Contact with any questions!