Merlijn Wolsink

The Magic of Moving Your Body

Magic with Moving Your Body 23 AUG 02kopie



Your Energy
Your Being
Your Body
Your Movement

Do you realize who and what you move with… your very presence? And your body?

Do we acknowledge the gift that movement is and can be…?
The way our bodies move…?
The way that we move…?
The way we and our bodies move together, moving others simultaneously…?
How you and your body move this entire reality, by just showing up…?

13933506_10153623324050736_604647709_nWhat if…

You, your energy and every molecule of your body, are the magic that moves every thing around you?
Even when standing ‘still’…

What would it be like if you and your body would move freely?
What if you and your body could be moving forward together, without shields, pretense and barriers…?

What if your movements don’t stop where your body seems to end…?

What is your unique Magic of Moving?

Be ready for a couple of hours of moving – with – your body!
Accompanied by a gentle or firm beat, silence or various styles of music.

Merlijn will present you a different and unique approach to movement and moving.
While following the energy of class, he will lead you through some exercises and exploration for your to create something even greater with your body!

Body, how would you like to move…?
Body, what do you know about movement…?


Class options:

1. Movement class – for everyone, no dance background required

  • Being comfortable with your body
  • Getting familiar with the energetics of moving
  • Moving through space with ease
  • Creating more expansion and freedom in the body
  • Letting your body move
  • Small easy routines 

2. Professional dance class – for dancers and professional movers

  • Building on the movement class above
  • More specific and challenging in exercises or choreography
  • Deepening the collaboration between body, being, energy and movement in action

3. One on one or group coaching for auditions, performance or for the sheer joy of it!

  • More Magic!
  • Including all of the above!

Contact for more information or to schedule/book a 1,5 to 4 hour class.

What do People say about the class?

“Loved every minute of it. Really super great! When is the next one?”
“I learned so much about my own body in only 2 hours! Amazing. Thank you Merlijn”
“Super Inspiring!”
“Very useful and practical tools! A great addition to my dancing”
“You and your body were co-facilitating so much together, I could feel it in my whole body and it started moving naturally. And it still does!”
“Dear Merlijn, thanks again for the delicious evening! It absolutely activated the magic of moving my body! Everything moving in your body has such a huge impact on all the molecules of the bodies around you. I’m so looking forward to the next class

Check out Merlijn’s Personal Invite! – Moving just a bit!
(please ignore the old class date)

More testimonials…

“Amazing evening with lots of Magic in Amsterdam! It’s very special to feel again how the play with energy and the body altogether empowers to a such a Bliss! And in the week after lots of people asked me what that Magic Glow was i had around me! Hahaha, what were they aware of? Great as well to see how you facilitate the class, wow!”
“OMG dear Merlijn! What can I tell you about this awesome experience…. I am still bubbling and shaking all over. Finding myself and my body completely comfortable! Yeah!
I sense everything.. The energies, the sun touching my face, the wind on my skin, the movement of my hair….wow…
My back is even more expanded now! And I feel so proud of being me! Am I really saying that…? YES!
I just loved to dance with you, bringing out the best in me! What else is possible?”
“Wow, this class was such a great contribution. So much awareness for me personally! It was very special to acknowledge myself and not judge while looking in the mirror. So much has changed!”

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