Merlijn Wolsink

What do other people say about Merlijn?

“Thank you for your expertise and help in assisting Tim (14 years old) in becoming more aware of the world around him. I notice in his daily routine that he is becoming more aware of everything and is more aware of the things he hears.
Funnily, he has started making a list of the most important things in one’s life. Its just for him. 

Wonderful! I am just standing back and watching him develop. I know that you have been extremely instrumental. I appreciate your role in this adventure and am very grateful. It gets better and better. Limitlessly. 

 Deepest regards”
D.E. Tillman

What clients have been saying after receiving the BARS™:

“The teacher at school said that it’s going much better. He’s working neater, made fewer errors and is more comfortable in his skin. At home we noticed that he could cope better with certain emotions and is less angry or sad.”(Mother of a boy of 9)

“I felt literally ‘lighter in my head’. A month later I noticed that I can (usually) respond much more calmly. I choose to respond consciously and I manage to put it in practice. I am less angry.”

“Afterwards I had a headache but that passed over the course of the evening.
After three weeks I had a test, which usually means stress and nerves. Miraculously, I was very calm and relaxed even during the test. I passed my test and I am sure that the BARS session had something to do with it.” (Student)

“I immediately felt much lighter and quieter and I put things in perspective much easier.”

“I felt very relaxed, both times, immediately after the BARS treatment. The following days I felt clearly more vital and fitter than before the sessions. Immediately after the sessions I got out of bed much easier. Verbal Processing also helps me enormously.”

“I cut through knots more easily, without constantly having to think twice and endlessly weighing my options. In addition, I sleep a lot better! ”

“A sense of extraordinary peace and a little sleepy, rosy sensation. Need to drink tea or something else. After a month I’m much more cheerful and happy like I already am naturally and everything feels much lighter than before and takes less effort. ”

“Now a month later, it’s as if a brake is taken off when being in contact with others and communication. I feel freer. ”

“The evening and the day after, I felt a kind of pressure, headache-like feeling in my head. The second day I had a bizarre sense of security, self-confidence and belief in myself. I really think differently. This felt like a Super Trip.
I feel stronger and stronger. My advice to everyone is: have your BARS run! ”

“In the weeks after my session, I have experienced me in my power and am more confident of myself.”

“In the 1st week after the session, my irritated skin restored visibly. After about a month, I can say that I feel happier, lighter in life and I am walking and moving easier.”

“The day after the treatment, I had a strange but not unpleasant feeling in my head. The second day after treatment, I saw the things around me more positively. I also could interact easier with my partner, who was also treated.”

“I don’t feel trapped anymore and my vision has literally became wider. After a few weeks I have found a job because I did not feel discouraged.”