Merlijn Wolsink

Mission, Vision & Method


I offer recovery, empowerment and change based on non-judgment and possibilities.
In my point of view, the acknowledgement and recognition of one’s own potential, talents and abilities is which enables people to create a phenomenal magical life and a different reality. In whatever of life.

You and your body work together in this reality. A clear and grateful communication with your body is required to lead a great life, so it can support you and you can support it in recovering from injuries and other symptoms.

A safe and familiar environment is essential for one to step out of the comfort zone, into new possibilities.
I’d love to offer that thought consultation, treatment or training.

What if nothing that’s happening in your life is what it seems?
What if your “weakness” is actually your strength and talent?


All good coaches have a toolkit of practical and pragmatic ways to change whatever is stuck or not working.
I use Access Consciousness® because it is fast, easy and it works dynamically – in most cases even if you don’t know what the core issue is.

Access Consciousness® has tools, techniques, processes and questions to open up to possibilities and to change physical, behavioral, emotional and energetic patterning, as if by Magic…

You can learn how to do this yourself, to…

Unleash Your Own Wizard

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Active, Practical, Pragmatic and Effective (APPE)
Taking action and effectuating change
Using hands


Approaching, entering or allowing entry
Obtaining, retrieving or acquiring information
To gain access to; make accessible or available