Explore the magic of dancing and your body with co-authors Patty Alfonso, Dr. Glenna Rice, Merlijn Wolsink, Amy Shine, Rachael O’Brien, Kalpana Raghuraman, Monica Mata Gilliam and Katherine McIntosh.

Our bodies call us to move and dance and play. We hear the gentle whisper and ignore it most of the time. What if we answered the call to dance and everything in our lives could change?

In this cutting edge compilation, Patty Alfonso has gathered the stories of eight very different and fascinating people. You’ll get an unprecedented glimpse into their lives as they share the ways in which dance and movement contributes to the creation of things they never imagined possible

What if dancing and movement could change the way you are in the world? What if dancing and movement was one of the many paths in leading a more conscious life? What gifts await for you within your body?

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