Merlijn Wolsink

Body Processing

What is an Access Body Process?

An Access Consciousness “Body Process” is a method that, by placing the hands on different parts of the body, allows a specific energy to run. These processes bring the body back to its original functioning. They support the body in recovering from trauma and damage it has sustained, whether from related circumstances or from actual injury.

What do the Body Processes do?

There are processes that, for example:
-Reverse injury, trauma and scar tissue on and under the skin
-Regenerate or eliminate certain cells
-Improve visual acuity
-Allow the body to rejuvenate skin cells
-Strengthen the immune system and the digestive system
-Process trauma and drug history, etc.

The running of various energies in various places on the body creates different effects. For maximum results, the energy can be focused on each specific physical complaint. For example, if you are sick often, you would run a Access Body Process that focuses on the immune system.

All Access Body Processes can be done fully dressed.

What does it feel like to have these energies run through the body?

Everyone’s experience with energy is different. Some people feel it as a heat or a tingling sensation, or experience a feeling of calm and ease in their bodies. For others, it takes a while before they feel anything at all. The good news is that you do not have to feel the energy for it to work. It works no matter what.

The majority say that after a Body Process, they experienced a feeling of wellbeing, more comfort in and with their bodies and faster recovery from ailments, pain and discomfort.

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