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Access BARS®

A very relaxing and nurturing
process for body and mind

Access Consciousness® has a unique manual process called BARS®.
This is a process for everyone desiring more peace, ease and relaxation in body and mind.
Aside of providing deep relaxation, this process facilitates dynamic change as well, in all areas of life.

Access Bars® is a way to let a fresh, cool breeze through your energetic economy and to change stuck patterns, emotions, thoughts and feelings, without even talking about it.

What are The BARS®

Bars_Heachart_Small_OnlineThe name ‘Bars’ canbe interpreted as ‘prison bars’ and is the name for a collection of 32 points that energetically course through and around the head. They hold and lock in all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs and decisions you’ve ever had about anything, stored as a pattern on an electromagnetic level.

Touching and activating these points, allows the electrical charge to release, which creates more space for new possibilities. It changes the brainwaves and the electrical functioning of the brain.

Each Bar corresponds to and is named after an aspect or part of your life, for example: all the energy of every thought you ever had about money is stored in the “Money Bar”.

There are BARS for: Body, Health, Control, Awareness, Creativity, Power, Aging, Sexuality, Joy, Sadness, Time & Space, Communication, etc.


“Running your BARS” is a process where you lay on your back, fully clothed, and relax, while the 32 points on the head are lightly touched in different configurations.

Touching them allows the change of thoughts, beliefs, judgments and points of view to be released, independent of what you know cognitively.

This is similar to a kind of ‘defragmentation’ of the hard drive of your computer. We ‘Delete’ the old ‘Files’ and unused ‘Programs’ that take up space in your energy system and that make you heavy and overloaded.

Emptying the ‘Trash’ frees up space and energy in your life and makes room for more ease and receiving.


Many people say they that, following a Bars session, they have more space in their head and feel like it got cleaned. Also, some physical and mental problems just disappear after a Bars session.

The least that can happen is you will feel relaxed and calm, as if you’ve had a massage. The actual results and changes can be felt for about three to four weeks after a session and continue to develop after that.

Pragmatically working with this technique has provided remarkable results for wellness therapists, coaches and other people worldwide.


image003Science shows that our cells become more oval/elliptical in shape under influenced of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is the first step to dis-ease or illness. When you have your BARS run, this effect is reversed so that your cells regain their natural spherical shape – facilitating more ease in the body.

Receiving a Bars® session changes the electrical functioning of the brain and the body, for the better.

brain-wave-frequencyBrain science tells us that during a Bars session the brainwaves actually decelerate from beta to alpha to theta, the pre-sleep phase and state of deep  relaxation.

This allows access to the behaviors, beliefs, opinions and viewpoints that created your current reality.

This confirms what Gary Douglas, the developer of Access Bars®, bestseller and founder of Access Consciousness® has been saying for almost 25 year.

Having your BARS run literally changes the possibilities for your future.

Would you be willing to gift yourself 1,5 hour to change your life?

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