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Practice is closed until October 3 2016

For appointments and questions, please e-mail: merlijn@handsonaccess.nl
Coaching & Energetic Clearing

– Getting over: Burn-Out, Pain, Trauma, Fear, Anxiety and Depression
– Dealing with: Your talents & abilities, health, voice and energies
– Create Your Magic Performance

Energetic Body Work, Physical Recovery & Access Bars®

– Fast recovery of sports and dance injuries
– Reversing every body fluid and tissue on cellular and molecular level
– Changing chronic pain and dis-ease

My name is Merlijn Wolsink.

After always looking for a greater possibility and more magic in life, I made a radical change and professionally started to inspire and facilitate others.

After discovering the Magical Access Consciousness® tools and processes, I have specialized myself in shifting and changing physical, mental and emotional blocks and limitations.

Also, I organize and facilitate workshops and trainings to enable people to acknowledge, recognize and use their own talents and abilities, to get out of their past and to magically transform their ‘weakness’ into their strongness.
Unleash Your Own Wizard…

Are you looking for greater possibilities? For you, your body or your life?

Feel free to read through the topics, calendar, blog, and other inspiration.
Perhaps there is a training or workshop that matches your desire or maybe you would like a personal appointment.

What can I contribute to you?

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Vision and Method